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DermaStamp® Growth Factor Induced Therapy (GFIT)

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DermaStamp® Growth Factor Induced Therapy (GFIT)

At Eden MediSpa, we have developed an exclusive treatment combining the skin regeneration and anti-aging effects of DermaStamp with GFIT - Growth Factor Induced Therapy™ from AQ Skin Solutions. AQ Recovery Serum harnesses the most cutting-edge growth factor ingredients to target even the most challenging skin concerns. By introducing channels into the skin with the AQ DermaStamp, we aid the delivery of these growth factors directly into the skin.

The AQ DermaStamp, in conjunction with the AQ Recovery Serum, intensifies the benefits and enhances the penetration of growth factors directly into the dermis, so that you will see faster, more dramatic results than when using the serum or micro needling alone. Results have shown dramatic improvement in skin texture, acne, pigmentation and reducing scar tissues and fine lines. These results are achieved by stimulating the skin to produce new collagen, hence revealing fresher, young, and more healthy-looking skin.

DermaStamp can be used for a range of conditions on the face and body, and is an effective treatment for:

Fine Lines and Wrinkles on the Face

As we age, our levels of collagen and elastin gradually decrease resulting in fine lines and wrinkles on our face. DermaStamp is designed to trigger the production of new collagen to help smooth out all lines such as eye lines, frown lines between our eye brows, or smoker lines on the upper lip area.

Enlarged Pores on the Face

Enlarged pores are most often a result of oily or aging skin. Collagen is vital for maintaining youthful skin and keeps our pores tight. As collagen production decreases, our pores tend to become looser and more visible. DermaStamp can help to minimise the appearance of large pores and will improve your overall skin texture.

Sagging Skin on the Face

Increasing the production of collagen using DermaStamp will offer an amazing non-surgical skin tightening solution to target loose skin on the cheeks, jowls, neck and décolletage. If you are looking to rejuvenate and plump your skin for a tighter, more youthful look, DermaStamp may be the answer.

Hair Loss

DermaStamp and AQ Advanced Hair Complex+ improves the overall condition of the scalp and damaged hair follicles, while trying to increase the circulation of select growth factor proteins found in your healthy hair follicles. This process can allow for a normal hair growth cycle that leads to improved overall hair quality.

Sagging Skin on the Body

Sagging skin on the body can be a result of natural aging or of sudden weight loss. DermaStamp can help to tighten these areas of loose skin by triggering the production of new collagen and elastin to rejuvenate and tone your skin. Common treatment areas are the stomach, arms, thighs and buttocks.

Stretchmarks on the Body

It can be hard to get rid of stretchmarks. DermaStamp can help to improve the appearance of stretchmarks. However, we will first assess your stretchmarks and decide on the most suitable treatment for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DermaStamp is a handheld stamping device to create vertical micro perforations across the skin. It aids the infusion of powerful nutrients deep into your skin to instantly stimulate your skin cells. We combine DermaStamp with AQ Recovery Serum, the most cutting-edge and multi-award-winning growth factor ingredients. It can be combined with other treatments, such as carboxytherapy, to enhance the effect.
• Safe for all skin types – indicated for use on all skin types (Fitzpatrick I – VI)
• Fast treatment time – 60 to 90 minutes.
• Virtually painless – the DermaStamp device tends to cause little discomfort. We can apply a topical anaesthesia before your treatment should you prefer.
• No downtime – any risk of bruising or redness is kept to a minimum, so you should be able to return to work or resume your normal daily activities immediately.
• Treatment can be combined with carboxytherapy to enhance the effect.
DermaStamp uses a handheld stamp device with many tiny needles attached to penetrate your skin at a precise level. This creates micro injuries that trigger your skin’s self-healing process into creating new collagen and restoring damaged skin tissues. At Eden MediSpa, we combine the DermaStamp with multi-award winning AQ Recovery Serum Growth Factors (Growth Factor Induction Therapy).
This treatment can be used on all skin types. However, prior to your treatment, we will take a full medical history to confirm suitability for the treatment. You will also be asked to give informed consent. The procedure, its benefits and potential side effects will be explained to you. During this time, you are welcome to ask any questions you may have. You will be provided with verbal or written after care instructions. We will make a recommendation for home care to further enhance your results.

The DermaStamp tends to cause little discomfort, but we can apply a topical anaesthesia before your treatment should you prefer.

DermaStamp is a medical device that delivers micro-injections into the skin. We then apply the cutting-edge AQ Recovery Serum to instantly stimulate the skin (Growth Factor Induction Therapy).
You should be able to resume your normal daily activities immediately. Most patients notice a visible glow after the first session. Full effect may take up to three months due to the Growth Factor Induction Therapy that stimulates new collagen formation.
A course of five treatments every 4 weeks is recommended. Once you have completed your initial course, you will benefit from having occasional follow-up treatments to maintain the results.
• Do not wash the treated area for 24 hours following your treatment
• Avoid the application of any products following the treatment for 24 hours


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