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Dermal Fillers

It is possible to achieve subtle, natural looking results, by employing the full range of options that modern Dermal Fillers and anti-wrinkle injections offer. Combining both anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers can deliver an overall face rejuvenation. These two types of products can work together to create a balanced, refreshed effect. Dermal Fillers come in a range of different consistencies from very light and soft, for delicate and mobile areas like the lips, to denser types that are used in deeper folds. In the hands of our skilled Doctor, this full range allows a subtle artistry to come into play. We can plump up small areas, such as the lips and brows, and revolumize large areas like the cheeks and jawline.

Which areas can be treated using Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers for under eyes and tear troughs
As skin fullness is lost, eyebrows may also start to drop and thinning skin under the eyes can cause both dark circles and bags to appear. Of course, topical creams may temporarily restore moisture, and cleverly applied make-up can disguise dark circles, but if you’re looking for a solution that won’t wash off, Dermal Fillers could be for you.

Dermal Fillers for cheeks
Over time, our facial structure naturally changes, thanks to reduced bone density and loss of facial fat. Our cheekbones provide less support for the overlaying facial fat, which then begins to move down towards the lower half of the face, creating a droopy, aged look that can impact how we feel about our looks and our confidence.

Dermal Fillers restore volume, lift and add definition to the cheeks, while at the same time replenishing the body’s stores of moisture by drawing water into the treated area.

Dermal Fillers for nose
Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their nose, but fear that cosmetic surgery could be a step too far. Nose Fillers can be a great non-surgical option to correct a bumpy nose with zero downtime. It is also a safe and effective solution for misshaped noses.

Dermal Fillers for lips
Not all mouths are alike. Some of us have naturally thin lips, or an asymmetrical smile. Indeed, these differences are what define your unique look. However, if you wish, you can take steps to enhance your lips. By using Dermal Fillers to add subtle volume, you can enhance your lips with natural-looking, balanced results.

Dermal Fillers for jawline and chin
Dermal Fillers can be a great alternative to facial surgery if you have suffered from a loss of definition around your jawline due to the aging process. When used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections, Dermal Fillers can tighten loose skin for a younger looking, more defined jawline. This treatment can be used to reshape or add volume to the chin area, creating a beautiful profile.

Dermal Fillers for hands
Hands are often the giveaway sign for your age. Dermal Fillers can restore your hands by smoothing, tightening and plumping the skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

• Anti-aging injectable solution for men and women with instant results
• Address fine lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as tightening loose skin around the jawline and neck.
• Plump and rejuvenate aging skin on hands
• Treatment is virtually painless, however, numbing cream will be applied
• You can return to your daily activities immediately
To understand Dermal Fillers, we need to look at how the molecule they’re based on works in the body. This sugar is found in all the connective tissues, including the skin. It attracts and retains water to form a supporting base on which other structural fibres develop. The collective effect is the creation of underlying volume, lending firmness and elasticity to the skin. As we age, levels of this sugar naturally decline. Our skin becomes dry and loses elasticity. Meanwhile, loss of fat under the skin and a reduction in bone density in turn cause skin to sag. Wrinkles start to appear thanks to repeated muscle movement, and folds arise from loss of volume. Applying a topical moisturiser that contains the same kind of molecule may provide a short-term and superficial effect. However, for true long-lasting moisture and volume replacement deep within the skin, Dermal Fillers are the only treatment. The product works to attract water and restore volume in the injected area, just as the natural molecule would do. The smooth, supple results look very natural and can last up to 24 months, depending on the product that has been used.
This treatment can be used on all skin types. However, prior to your treatment, we will take a full medical history to confirm suitability for the treatment. You will also be asked to give informed consent. The procedure, its benefits and potential side effects will be explained to you. During this time, you are most welcome to ask any questions you may have. You will be provided with verbal or written after care instructions. The Dermal Filler procedure usually lasts approximately 30 – 60 minutes. Our highly experienced Doctor will carefully assess the areas you would like to treat prior to performing your treatment in a safe and sterile environment. Numbing cream will be applied to ensure that you have a comfortable experience.
You do not usually need to allow for any downtime following treatment. Results can be seen almost instantly and usually last for around 6 – 24 months depending on the type of Dermal Filler and area treated. We will discuss any individual post-treatment or recovery requirements with you.


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