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Laser Treatment for Vascular Lesions

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Laser Treatment for Vascular Lesions

Red vessels and spider veins are blood vessels that become enlarged and visible due to weakened valves, which cause blood to pool rather than flow to the heart. The Harmony XL Pro's vascular treatments offer an effective, non-invasive solution that close these veins and reduce or eliminate their appearance.

Using advanced light, laser and Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), the platform targets the affected blood vessels beneath the skin, leaving you with smooth, clear skin and renewed confidence. The treatments are safe and effective, providing reliable, long term results.

It can be used for:

  • thread veins (spider or broken veins)
  • rosacea
  • facial flushing
  • spider naevi
  • Campbell de Morgan spots (cherry angiomas)

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Frequently Asked Questions

• Safe for all skin types – indicated for use on all skin types (Fitzpatrick I – VI)
• Fast treatment time – no topical numbing is required, and treatments can take as little as 30 to 45 minutes
• Virtually painless
• No downtime – after your treatment, you can immediately return to your normal daily activities
The affected skin is exposed to short pulses of highly concentrated light, which targets the vessels that are responsible for the redness in the skin. This works on the ‘theory of photo thermolysis’. With each pulse of light, heat is transmitted to the target area (e.g blood vessels in the case of vascular lesions). The heat damages the target cells selectively, whilst leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. The damaged cells are gradually reabsorbed by the body in the case of deeper vascular lesions.

In addition to removing specific skin lesions, the body’s natural healing process is stimulated. This causes an increase in collagen and elastin production, thereby improving the skins elasticity, skin thickness, smoothness and wrinkle reduction.

At Eden MediSpa, we have invested in the most advanced aesthetic laser systems to offer you safe and proven techniques. Our class 4 system, the Harmony XL Pro, utilises Advance Fluorescence Technology (AFT™). AFT is a unique filtering system which enhances penetration without using excessive energy levels. This protects the top layer of the skin, resulting in safer and more effective clinical outcome.
This treatment can be used on all skin types. However, prior to your treatment, we will take a full medical history to confirm suitability for treatment. You will also be asked to give informed consent. The procedure, its benefits and potential side effects will be explained to you. During this time, you are most welcome to ask any questions you may have. You will be provided with verbal or written after care instructions. We will make a recommendation for home care to further enhance your results. Although the treatment is not painful, you may experience slight discomfort. To alleviate this, we use a chill tip which cools the skin as it is being treated to minimise any discomfort. Depending on the size of the treated area, each session can take from a few minutes to half an hour.
Depending on your skin type, you may notice some redness and experience mild warmth/tingling in the treated area – similar to mild sunburn – for up to 24 hours.

You will notice that the treated vessels appear darker initially. This is a normal effect of the treatment, and will gradually improve over the next couple of weeks.
The treatment is quick and effective, and most patients only need a course of 3 sessions, at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.
You will experience very little or no ‘downtime’, which means that there will be almost no visible evidence of your treatment. Immediately after the treatment, you will experience a mild warmth and tingling sensation. This will subside after an hour or two. Makeup can be applied immediately following your treatment.
• The application of cold compresses after the treatment may be recommended
• No exercise for 12 hours
• No heat or heat treatments to the face for up to 7 days
• No direct sun exposure or sun beds for 28 days post-treatment
• A sunscreen (S.P.F 30) and antioxidant protection should be used post-treatment
• If required, makeup can be applied immediately after treatment


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