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07 September, 2023

The Ageing Neck by Dr Charné

Treating the ageing neck
There is one area that we often forget about until it has already aged… and that area is the neck. 
Unfortunately we only look as young as our necks do. 
In order to treat the ageing neck we need to first understand why it ages and then what we can do about it.
Firstly, we must understand that everything that happens in the neck starts in the face. 
As we lose collagen and elasticity and as our fat pads slide down and bone resorbs with time, we begin to sag and gravity pulls our faces down. 
This leads to ageing of the neck. 
We can treat this by using filler (JUVEDERM) or biostimulators (HARMONYCA, SCULPTRA) to lift in the face or redefine and contour the jawline and so indirectly to lift the neck. 
Filler is also a brilliant treatment option for patients who have an underdeveloped chin or jawline. These patients naturally have necks that look thick or seems to be in continuum with the face. When we contour or build up the jawline with filler, it brings definition and gives a lean look. 
When we look at  skin quality of the neck , we often see crepeyness,  fine wrinkles due to loss of collagen and elastin. For this concern PROFHILO will be one of the best treatments options. This product comes in a 2 ml and is injected in 10 areas in the neck. It flows superficially under the skin like honey and hydrates while improving elasticity and skin quality. 
SCULPTRA can also be use in the neck to improve collagen and elastin stimulation and tighten the skin to improve skin quality and to lift.
Another ageing feature in the neck can be horizontal  neck lines/indentations. These lines are also known as the “tech neck” due to lying down and looking at laptops or cell phones, the skin folds and leaves horizontal lines. Skinbooster (VOLITE/JUVEDERM) is a fantastic solution for this problem. The skinbooster fills the lines/wrinkles , plumps it up  and stimulates collage over time, without giving volume to the neck. Skinbooster lasts 9-12 months and can be repeated at 3 monthly intervals. 
Verticle bands are often a consequence of strenuous muscle use in the neck and can be treated with antiwrinkle injections (BOTOX) to relax the platysmal muscles and create a smoother neck surface area and in that way lead to a lifting action of neck soft tissue. 
For excess skin or subcutaneous tissue THREADS can be used to sling the neck and lift some of the extra tissue. I would personally only consider threads once the face jawline and chin is defined and there is a good support structure for the subcutaneous tissue. This will also only be indicated in patients with good skin quality. 
And lastly we should not forget about our fantastic laser treatments that can help with resurfacing, collagen stimulation, tightening, glow and sun damage as well as redness.
Clearlift: stimulates collagen and tightens by mechanically stimulating the fibroblast.
Erbium: resurfaces the skin, tightens, and stimulates collagen while removing superficial pigmentation with heat and ablative technology. 
Pixel RF: uses plasma technology to resurface the skin and tightens the skin as it heals.
AFT /DYE VL: treats pigmentation spots and rejuvenates with heat and light therapy. 

Near infrared: tightens with heat stimulation and gives a instant Cinderalla glow to the skin.

There are many ways to treat a neck, but the secret lies in choosing the correct treatment for the correct patient.  We always say that you want best return on investment and therefore choosing the correct treatment will make the biggest difference for your personalized problems. 
It is not a one size fits all. 
If you want to treat your neck or even prevent ageing in this area but you do not know where to start, book a consultation as we would love to meet you and assist you in this matter. 

Dr Charne van Staden
Eden Medispa