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13 May, 2019

Skincare Routine for the Busy #BossBabe

With so many new and promising products coming into the market, the world of skincare and
beauty can be daunting, even for the modern #BOSS BABE. Time constraints in our busy lives makes
it even more important to focus on what really matters to skin. “We want to see products of the
highest quality with top ingredients at affordable prices,” says Dr Adri Hofmeister from Eden
MediSpa in George. Your skin care routine does not have to be complicated. It needs to fit in with
your lifestyle and suit your skin. Here are a few basic recommendations to guide you with your daily

1. Cleanse: This is the first step in your routine and remove any makeup, dirt or grime that has
collected on your face during the day or oil that build up during the night. You may consider
taking off make-up and cleansing as two separate steps. Oil cleansers are becoming very
popular as they melt makeup away easily without stripping the skin of natural lipids. For
example, OptoDerm Deep Cleansing Oil is rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that is
often deficient, especially in acne-prone skin.

The new time saving all-in-one “active” micellar cleansers have become a big beauty trend,
especially when dealing with harsh water. OptoDerm’s Micellar Cleanser is a unique soap
free cleanser that contains small micro clusters or micelles that instantly scoop up impurities
and make-up on the skin. Apply it to cotton wool and swipe over the face. No rinsing is
necessary! The results in a much deeper clean than with normal cleansers. Active
ingredients further benefit the skin leaving it nourished and well hydrated, while strong
antioxidants kill bacteria in pores, prevent cellular damage and aging. You will cleanse, tone
and exfoliate, all in one! OptoDerm makes two types of micellar cleansers – one with
incredible Witch Hazel extract, rich in catechin antioxidants, like those in green tea and
another which contains niacinamide, NAG and caffeine, ingredients with multiple skin
benefits, especially for acne prone skin.

2. Tone: When it comes to a toner, it is important that you should invest in a product that is
specific to your skin type. For oily and acne-prone skins I would recommend OptoDerm Oil
Control as it contains both BHA and AHA. Salicylic Acid is an oil loving acid that gently
exfoliates the skin and clears blocked pores, help fight acne, the appearance of blemishes
and for overall better visible skin clarity. This action is supported by the addition glycolic and
lactic acids, both AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids). Additional skin identical moisturising factors
and amino acids support the skins Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF), for optimal skin
hydration and nutrition.

3. Serums: Serums are great at targeting specific skin care concerns, whether it’s a lack of
hydration, acne or fine lines and wrinkles. They consist of an extremely concentrated
collection of ingredients and may make out one of the more expensive products in your skin
care routine. It is never too early to start looking after collagen in your skin. From around
age 25, we start losing it at a rate of about one per cent a year. By the time we’re 45, we
may have lost up to 20% of our skin collagen! The result is the formation of wrinkles, loss of
firmness and skin elasticity. Collagen is a natural type of protein which makes up over 80% of
our skin. It is one of the three major components of skin, the other two being elastin and
glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). It is what provides our tissues and organs with necessary
strength, with elastin providing the stretching abilities. It is a very important structural
protein and is found all throughout the body, including muscles and bone – not just the skin.

It also plays a role in strengthening our blood vessels. However, maintaining the collagen in
the skin is essential to having healthy and youthful good looks. OptoDerm’s Collastin Serum
provides your skin with total collagen care and repair. It contains a safe and pre-activated
cellular energy source and numerous active ingredients to reactivate collagen and elastin
production in the fibroblasts in our skin. This includes the essential amino acid building
blocks, additional marine collagens & elastin, a potent, proprietary form of copper peptide,
three collagen boosting bio peptides and a new peptide which forms part of the spring
fragment of elastin.

4. Moisturizers: This is the next step in your skin care routine. It is especially important to be
aware of changes in season, weather and your environment. Something that worked well
during the drier months may suddenly break you out when used during warmer months.
Likewise, a light moisturizer that worked well under hot and humid weather might suddenly
be inadequate when you move to a place with colder and/or drier conditions. You may be in
a new work environment with air conditioning that dries the air, or under fluorescent lights,
LED lights, TV, phone and computer screens that radiate harmful blue light (this is becoming
a big factor in skincare now). OptoDerm recently launched a CBD Cream that contains
100mg pure CBD per jar (56g). CBD accelerates cellular turnover in the epidermis, promoting
enzyme, filaggrin and ceramide production – all of which are important for a healthy skin!

5. Retinol – PM: There are a few nutrients that skin really needs, and vitamin A is one of them.
Whether you get it from your diet, or in a topical cream, the protective and nourishing
properties of A, and the nutrients your body uses to make it, lend a hand in keeping skin
healthy, firm and radiant. But…not all retinoids are created equal. When referring to
topically applied retinoids, the only two retinoids that your skin can process immediately
(i.e. that cell receptors recognise) are retinoic acid and hydroxypinacolone retinoate
(available from OptoDerm®). All other forms of retinoids must be converted by skin enzymes
into retinoic acid before the skin is able to use them.

6. Sun screen – AM: Always last in your morning routine, but certainly not least! No matter
the season, applying sun screen is essential. Dr Adri Hofmeister recommends a factor of at
least 50. “Even during the colder winter months, it is important to apply sun screen
regularly during the day.”