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16 January, 2023

Profhilo with Dr Charné

Profhilo is a very natural product that improves skin quality, elasticity and hydrates the skin with a mild volumizing effect. It can be used in the face, neck, decollate, hands, arms and abdomen. It can be used almost anywhere where skin quality is an issue.

This treatment is popular in patients who don't want do use fillers to lift/volumise/plump
but rather want a natural skin boost or mild facial lift. It is also great for patients who have already had filler treatments and want to maintain their beautiful results.

And lastly it is a fantastic treatment for crépy skin almost anywhere on the body: necks,
hands, arms and abdomen etc.

Profhilo is constituted in a thermal process with three operative phases:
Phase 1 : binding 32 mg High molecular weight hyaluronic acid + 32mg Low molecular
weight hyaluronic acid (48+48 mg for body treatments)
Phase 2: the temperature is raised, breaking Hydrogen bonds allowing High and low
molecular weight HA chains to unite
Phase 3: temperature is lowered, forming and stabilising the hybrid complexes

This new complex has:

  • The highest concentration of HA on the market comes in a 2ml: 64mg HA for the
    face and 3 ml 96mg for the body.
  • It has no crosslinking agents or BBDE therefore it has a low viscosity and flows like
    honey under the skin and covers about 2 cm radius per injection point.
  • Spreads homogenously into three layers of the skin.
  1. It works on the keratinocytes: to produce more collagen and elastin
  2. Fibroblasts to stimulate collagen and elastin to ensure tissue remodeling
  3. Adipocytes activates and differentiates them

The result is improved Skin elasticity and hydration causing a lift action and bioremodeling
with a slight volumizing effect.

We also call this a Hydrolift action. The New complex able to resist enzymatic breakdown via hyaluronidase for a longer time it therefore has a higher bio-availability.

We recommend 2 treatments 1 month interval for optimal results and maintenance
treatment every 6 months. It take 65 days to be completely destroyed with a ½ life of 28-30 days and that is why the second dose should be at day 30 when the first treatment hs rched its ½ life to boost the concentration in the skin.

Haenkenium ?

It is injected at the Bap bio esthetic points: 10 injections per site.

The treatment has Very little down time: with adverse effects being bruising and slight swelling at the points of injection for up to 3 days.