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27 March, 2019

Accentuate Your Natural Beauty

Smooth skin. Firm contours. Glowing radiance. All in a lunchtime treatment.

Over time, the effects of aging and sun exposure can take their toll as visual imperfections begin to appear. The feeling of fresh, youthful skin doesn't have to escape forever. With the new Accent Prime platform at Eden MediSpa, you can now turn back the clock - quickly, comfortably and without surgery. This state-of-the-art platform offers customised treatments that reveal your natural beauty contours, with visible, reliable, long-lasting results:

- Facial and body contouring
- Skin tightening
- Cellulite reduction
- Skin rejuvenation

The Accent Prime's extra-large applicator plate significantly reduces treatment time to approximately 20 minutes. Multiple clinical studies and thousands of satisfied patients have proven Accent's safety and effectiveness in tightening loose skin, promoting healthy collagen production and toning the body's shape.

To find out more about this treatment, contact us today on 044 868 0028.